Paramount Utility Corporation


Outside Plant/Civil

  • Utility Locates
  • Hand Trenching
  • Back-Hoe
  • Mini-Excavation
  • Missile
  • Directional Boring
  • Hand Hole/Manhole Placement
  • Conduit Placement
  • Fiber/Copper Placement
  • Trace Wire Projects


  • Bare Fiber and Reel Testing
  • End-to-End Testing
  • Dead and Hot Cut Splicing
  • Emergency Restoration
  • Forced Relocates
  • Production Splicing
  • Audits
  • Signaling Fiber
  • Fiber to the “X”
  • Installation of FDP/FOP
  • Troubleshooting

Inside Plant

  • Infrastructure Upgrades to Include Installation of Fiber Optic Trough, Raceways, Ladder Rack Extensions, Rack Placement, Stations, MDF Extensions…
  • Installation of Various Routers Such as Cisco and Sienna
  • Installation of Network Interface Devices (NID's)
  • HVAC Services
  • Camlocks
  • AC/DC Upgrades and Replacements
  • Generator Services
  • Central Office and Cell Site Installations
  • SIAD Equipment
  • FDP/FOP Installations
  • Power Audits
  • Installation of -48v Power Plants


Paramount Utility is a full-service turnkey contractor dedicated to serving the wireline industry in the western-US. We specialize in building, maintaining, and modernizing your wireline facilities on time and on budget. We provide professional services on a project basis or to augment your current staff while filling a short-term requirement.

The following is an overview of the services we provide clients throughout the western US.

Directional Boring

Resource/fleet abilities range from telecommunications network through 30 inch steel pipe / 360,000 lb. utility projects.

Underground Utility

  • Trenching
  • Cabling/Plowing
  • Micro-Trench
  • Joint Trench Systems


  • OSP Cabling (Aerial and Underground)
  • Splicing and Testing
  • Rights-of-Way
  • System Integration


Successful projects begin with quality engineering.

Paramount Utility offers engineering and design services that allow us to provide clients with a blueprint for a successful project outcome – on time, on budget, and safety-focused. Our engineers, designers, and fielders are experts in their field, offering a wide array of knowledge and expertise.

Our engineers bring decades of experience to the design, engineering, and implementation of advanced telecommunications projects. We bring technological know-how, quality, and integrity to your projects, both large and small. Paramount Utility also provides overall project management, feasibility studies, design, detailed engineering, project coordination, and management of the actual construction.

The following is an overview of the engineering services we provide clients throughout the western US.

Engineering & Design

  • HFC RF Design and Drafting
  • Fiber Route Design
  • Network Topology
  • FTTH Design
  • Construction Management
  • Entitlements


  • Site Surveys
  • Route Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Field Inspection
  • QA Assurance

Maps & Drafting

  • Geospatial Services/GIS Mapping
  • Fiber Route Map (As-Planned and as-Built)
  • Right-of-Way Mapping
  • Easement Permitting and Acquisition
  • Network Topology